Helle Logistics Company - A cross-border e-commerce logistics provider

About Us


Shenzhen Helle Supply Chain Technology Management Limited. In the early days, we were committed to providing factories with inland land trailers, documents, booking warehouses, and designing inland logistics programs for customers; and then deepened the deepening of warehousing and overseas warehouse business to establish the company. After that, we deepened our cultivation of warehousing and overseas warehouse business and established the company. At present, the company provides full delivery services to Amazon warehouses in FBA mode, including the last kilometer to the final consumers. including the last-mile delivery service to final consumers.

Company's main business

The company is mainly engaged in Amazon FBA headway door-to-door transportation and FBA-related ancillary services, adhering to the legal and compliant operation and operating principles, for the majority of cross-border e-commerce customers to provide "housekeeping" logistics solutions and services.